Invest in your future and the future of women & children in crisis right now


Helping mothers help their children

For some women *get away from it all* doesn't mean a vacation. An escape is just that. It means digging deep and finding the strength, support and resources to leave a home that isn't safe.

There are many stories and many needs.

With every purchase of our products you support a woman who could use some hope and help to create a better life for herself and her children.

Together we're better ...

Since 2009 we've been helping mothers and their children living in shelters, group homes and temporary housing. 

They're scared.

Often they flee leaving with nothing. When it comes time to go to sleep many just pull a blanket over the clothes they wore that day.

With your help we've been able to donate thousands of pairs of pajamas to help mothers and their children have a better bedtime. Putting on a cozy new pair of PJ's makes them feel a little more safe and secure and a lot more supported.

The warmth they feel radiates deep into the heart. An act as simple as giving a new pair of jammies can make the end of a hard day a little softer at a time when they're feeling afraid and vulnerable.

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Helping children sleep tight at night

Staying in a new place can be scary for these young ones. Typically they don't pack and bring personal belongings. Pajamas are much-needed and have helped them make their stay a little more comfortable, keeping them warm in their bed and helping them sleep tight at night. Your generosity is accepted with gratitude, both from the staff and the women and children we work with to provide safety and healing to. 

Emma MacIsaac
Manager Fund Development, Children's Cottage Society.

Giving gifts of joy

Thank you for your incredibly generous donation of over 200 pairs of pajamas for the orphanage in Haiti. You have given many of these kids their very first pair of new pajamas ever, and in some cases their first new outfit of clothing. I wasn't there in Haiti to help hand-out the gifts, but the photo's said it all: a big group of incredibly happy kids. Thank you from me, and my friends Chris and Leone who delivered them.

Shelley Boettcher
Writer and Author.

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Making a difference

Many of our residents struggle with homelessness, abuse and/or addiction and life's daily needs for their children such as food, water and shelter were not met. The pajamas you have provided have brought so much joy to the children and their mothers. Your Pajama Project is a shining example of how we can make a difference in our neighbourhoods, our cities and our country. Thank you again for doing your part to keep kids safe and to strengthen families, the very fiber of our community.

Lorena Greig
Director Fund Development, Dream Center.

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